ACTS29 Construction

Spokane, WA.

Apprentice Construction Training Service | Building Lives | Christian Owned & Operated | Licensed & Bonded | Quality Is Our Specialty | WA. State Lic. # NOVIKC*916MB


ACTS 29 Construction is a new Spokane construction company that is locally owned by Mr. Novikoff. He brings over 20 years of experience in all phases of construction.

ACTS is an acronym for Apprentice Construction Training Service
29 is the unwritten chapter in the book of Acts in the Bible

The company is operated with God first, and he is the C.E.O. We hire and train people based on their future and not their past. Our vision is to teach new trades and professions with a loving, caring and Christian philosophy. Our crews will not behave in a manner that does not reflect the way a Christian should act.

~Building Lives~

If we can assist in any projects you have drop us an email at or call (509)207-9349

*Quality Is Our Specialty*