Student and Artist in Washington


Student and Artist in Washington

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im logan (or you can call me by any of my kin types). im genderfluid and i prefer they/they pronouns, but he/him are ok occasionally. im asexual and panromantic and currently in a relationship. im also fickin/otherkin. pls read all of this before following me, ty!

on to my main kin types!

!!please DO NOT follow if you kin with these characters or think you are them. these are /actually/ me!!

hanayo koizumi-llsif


ichimatsu matsuno-osomatsu-san

other kins

(feel free to follow if you kin with any of these!)

-cat kin

friends kins

!!please DO NOT follow if you kin with these characters or think you are them!!

honoka kousaka-llsif

maki nishikino-llsif

umi sonoda-llsif

kotori minami-llsif

eli ayase-llsif

mikan tsukimi-sdr2

komaeda nagito-sdr2

hinata hajime-sdr2

takami chika-ll! sunshine

sakurauchi riko-ll! sunshine

renge serizawa-bghs

tokiwa kurumi-bghs


mettaton ((both))-undertale



shigino kisumi-free! iwatobi swim club

i guess ill get to my personality and stuff

i really like love live, supernatural, osomatsu-san, cats, vocaloid, cosplay, drawing/art, and just most animes in general tbh. sometimes i post my art but most of the time its pretty crappy. i love all my friends a lot and if youre mean to them im gonna kick ur ass. for more info abt me check out any of these links: http://supernatural.wikia.com/wiki/Castiel



my tumblris emo-baymax . my school idol tomodachi is peachy.hanayo . im the leader of a love live cover group, and the instagram for that is pastel.muse . i have some ther social media accounts but theres too many to list, so just dm me if u want to know a user or u see me using it.

please do not follow if

-ur homophobic/transphobic

-ur racist

-u are against fictionkin/otherkin

-you get bothered easily by curse words (i swear like a sailor tbh)

-u dont believe that theres more than two genders (non binary, agender, etc.)

-you follow/interact/r friends with @irlkagamine on instagram/@hyperion9 on tumblr*

-ur against furries/dont like them*

(*w/ exceptions. dm me and ask)

thats prettymuch it,, ty!