actually sans

Student, Musician, and Actor in New York

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Hi!!! I'm Ryden/Dan, but you can call me by any of my kin names!

14 years old, freshman in high school!

Literally Me, Sans (Undertale)

sans is me. i am sans. i believe in multi-kins though so i double tag but... im sans.

ID: L Lawliet (Death Note), Napstablook.

Me!!! But like, in a different way. I tend to view myself as these people. they're within my literal self.


pls also tag me as chloe price, kaneki, negasonic, and haru!!!


Mentions: Rape, eating disorders, cutting.

Visual: INTENSE GORE (Not things like slight bruising), self harm images, etc.

if ur kin with my kins, just dm me and tell me! i'll double-tag on request if u still see me as my kins!

  • Education
    • Manhattan School of Music