val 👽

Yo! 👽👽👽You can refer to me as Val. I am an asexual ???-rom (I'm not sure about my romantic orientation) and go by any pronouns although I represent as a female, I prefer they/them pronouns (genderfluid??). I'm 14 and will turn 15 in February! 👽👽👽I'm a chicagostuck and try to go to cons in the area with @/ currently I'm on the lay low with cosplay since my family is prepping for my quinceañera since I'm Hispanic. I own 2 cosplays and plan to cosplay:-Jane Crocker (homestuck)-Azami (Kagerou Project)-Bipper (Gravity Falls) -Artemis (Olympus Overdrive)-Persephone (Olympus Overdrive)-Vengess! Ava Ire (Ava's demon)-Stevonnie (Steven Universe)-Monokuma (Dangan Ronpa)👽👽👽I like plenty of fandom's and if you have any suggestions of things to watch/listen/read I am more than open to give them a try!Some of my many fandom's include:WEBCOMICS-Home stuck-Ava's demon-Olympus Overdrive-The HuesANIME-Dangan Rompa-Hetalia-Soul Eater-Kagerou Project-Pandora Hearts-MagiBOOKS-Unwind Series-Percy Jackson series-Heroes of Olympus series-Book ThiefTV SHOWS-Gravity Falls-Steven Universe-The Flash-Agent Carter (NEED TO KEEP WATCHING)-Jane The Virgin (NTKW)-Supernatural (NTKW)OTHER-Marvel movies-Arctic Monkeys-documentaries👽👽👽im friends with most of the chicagostucks so don't follow me if you have problems with them! 👽👽👽Don't be afraid to talk to me!I own Kik, Snapchat and tumblr! Just send me a quick dm if you would like to contact me in these other forms. 👽👽👽TAGSI would like to be tagged asMonokuma | Dangan RonpaBipper/Dipper Pines | Gravity FallsJane Crocker | Homestuck Morgiana | Magi👽👽👽Ily