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Actus Foreign Trade

Criciúma, SC, Brazil

Company that provides foreign trade advisory services, developing all the activities relevant to this area, such as market research, business prospection, international marketing and sales, international exhibitions planning, new products development and/or adapting of the existing ones to the foreign market standards, international logistics, freights and shipments, analysis of letters of credit, exchange transactions, in brief, any activity essencial to the smooth running of an international business transaction.
Our target audience are the industries that intend to operate in the international market, without getting involved in the complexities of deploying and managing a foreign trade department, being able to dedicate themselves entirely to their core business.

We operate in several sectors:

Timber (sawn timber and timber products, mainly pine and eucalyptus);

Food sector (chicken and pork meat);

Beverages (Robusta green and toasted coffee);

Agribusiness (hatching eggs, day-old chicks, poultry, swine and cattle feed);

Exotic food (Inshell and shelled Brazil nuts).