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Acumen Legal Marketing, a Melbourne legal marketing team, was founded by attorneys on the concept of marrying their thirty years of experience in the legal industry with an industry-specific marketing plan that revolutionizes digital marketing for attorneys. Acumen Legal Marketing helps law firms prosper online through web design and development with high speed, customized, quick loading websites. The experienced team at Melbourne’s foremost digital marketing for attorneys focus their attention on every critical component of a business or law practice. Acumen Legal Marketing is data-driven, reaching for new opportunities that are part of a system that won't fail if a sector of law practice, or a business, fall behind or becomes overwhelmed. The Melbourne digital marketing for lawyers produces results for its clients with data-driven outcomes. Acumen Legal Marketing becomes an integral part of the sales and marketing efforts allowing its clients to focus on controlling the evolving demands and agendas of its clients’ business or practice.

The Melbourne based law marketing firm creates campaigns around one metric: getting more clients. The best way for a business to grow at a pace is to bring a marketing plan under control. In order to scale a business or law firm, the Melbourne attorney marketing firm adapts marketing campaigns through their in-depth analysis of the performance-based market conditions. The Melbourne legal marketing team at Acumen Legal Marketing customizes marketing plans to fit a law firm’s areas of practice, geographic location, and business goals through their virtual chief marketing officers, law firm website design concepts, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, social media, video, and content marketing.

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