Katy Wade

I'm going to keep this snort and sweet, no pug intended. My name is Katy and I am a newly obsessed pug owner, well, Co-owner. You see, my roommate got a pug but doesn't take care of her so basically I consider myself to be mommy number one. Stella Ro, better known as Ro sleeps nuzzled on my neck every night, I take her to go potty 45 times a day and to the vet to get her shots when my roommate "forgets". But when it comes to Ro, I don't mind spending my entire pay on check on treats and chew toys. Ro is not your average pug; she is what my roommates and I like to call a "pugman" 75% human, 25% pug. Join us as we sniff our way across San Francisco, 4 paws and 2 feet at a time!