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Michelle B.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Michelle B.

Indianapolis, Indiana, United States

Hi, how's it going? My name is Michelle. Author of A Cup of That food blog.

I'm a mother of two, a lover of food, and I have a sweetspot (ha) for all things frosted.

I live in the midwest with the love of my life and I absolutely love cooking, baking and feeding my family, but it doesn't stop there. When I make something delicious, I feel like sharing with the world. I'll have my honey deliver the goodies to the neighbors, his family and anyone else who comes our way. What can I say? I like to spread the joy of a good treat.

I grew up with an Asian mother and an all-American father. .

My mom loves to cook, and I spent a lot of time with her in the kitchen as a child, preparing authentic Asian cuisine for the hundreds of gatherings we would host. All gatherings were about food, friendship, and making sure no one left hungry.

I learned a lot about old-fashioned American dishes from my grandmother, and I hold her recipes dear to my heart.

Because of my mixed background, I am diverse in my meal planning. Not only can I make authentic, Asian dishes, I also love traditional American food as well.

Since I adore baking as well, I took some cake decorating courses a few years ago and found that I really enjoy making things that taste delicious, look just as delicous too

. I adore baking because there's nothing sweeter than an amazing looking treat that melts like butter in your mouth.

My philosophy on life is simple. Cook, Bake, & Eat Life Up while you can, because life is too short to sweat the small stuff.

Thank you for stopping by and do come back!

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