Adrienne Cutcliffe

Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

"Do what you love, even if it means you're broke"

My name is Adrienne and I'm twenty-one. I was born in the fall of 1993 in a suburb just north of Brisbane City, Australia. Since then I've been trying persistently to figure myself out, here's a few things I've learnt along the way.

I am currently living in Brisbane and work as a Salesforce Test and Support Officer for Flight Centre Limited. I am in the early stages of completing both my Bachelors of Information Technology at Queensland Univserity of Technology (QUT), and Diploma of Management through Flight Centre Business School.

I have a strong passion for photography and a deep love for abandoned places, yes abandoned places, warehouses, theme parks, mental asylums, mansions, factories, train stations, cities, the works. My love for these so much so that I have started planning my travel destinations based on those with the most beautiful abandoned places.

I guess that last point brings me to travel, never having been outside Australia until just recently I discoved my passion for travel in October 2013 with a very impromptu trip to Japan, it was at this point when wanderlust got the best of me, cities full of beautiful people, beautiful places, and a country so different from my own, years more advanced and more fascinating. That then lead me to view the other side of the world, volunteering in a remote village in Fiji without drinking water, electricity or hot showers, yet still leaves me begging for more.

I am extremely fond my puppies, and by puppies I mean all types of dogs whether they're 1 year old or 14 years old, cats not so much, they're never really held that place in my heart. I currently own two standards dacshunds, and don't think I could love anything more than them, applogies to my partner. And yes that brings me to that section of my life, I have an incredible man, who acts like an annoying boy a majority of the time, but I won't bore you with my love life or how happy I am in it.

And then there's all the other small things I know about myself, my love for rock climbing, my xbox or food - yes, any type of food, from Hungry Jacks and kebabs to expensive cuisine (although the expensive part not so much, because I love my money even more). I guess that sums up what I know about me, but I'm still young, and I'm still figuring it out, maybe one day, once I do, I'll let you in on a little of it to.

  • Work
    • Flight Centre Limited
  • Education
    • Queensland University of Technology