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Acute Itch

Acute Itch

My time is occupied in refreshing my view of life. I struggle against knowing anything. It is a place of challenge, bliss and excitement. All of the firmly held opinions are gradually dissolving.

The challenge I find myself engaged in is noticing internal self-righteousness and piety and attempting to discovering a wise response, without destructively judging myself or others. Embracing humanity as a condition of an ebb and flow of suffering. It has been a privilege to observe so many schools of wisdom; There being many ancient perspectives, many fresh interpretations. The temptation to resist that fundamenta enemy of peace, Identity. Seeking to latch on to the 'Truth'. Be to exclusively right. To hold onto a view superior to all others. Or to feel the comfort of belonging to like-minded thinkers, who share my view. I do not wish to belong. i do not need the approval of others. There is no pursuit of acknowledgement or status. I am happy amongst all those I love, regardless what they think, believe or do.

My non-secular identity began in in the late 1960's when I found myself drifting into hypnagogic states not recognising myself or my surroundings. As a child, this was not as disconcerting or alarming as it might have been through adult eyes. It was in these moments I had such clarity of thought. An immense connection with everything. I did have concerns however that I had no thoughts. That my mind was empty. I look back now yearn for effortless access to that state of mind.

My pursuit in life is singular. Happiness for all. It makes me smile every time I think it.

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