Taula Evans

Student, Writer, and Social Media Manager in New York

I'm a mobile industry customer advocate passionate about creating accessible customer resources.

In past roles I have discovered a love for creating customer knowledge bases, ensuring customer accessibility by testing useability with third-party accessibility apps, and ensuring smooth customer experiences.

My main passion is for deflecting huge ticket queues by ensuring that customers have fully fleshed out FAQs, tagged and easily searchable databases, and providing real time updates and news to customers via social media and Zendesk.

Secondly, but no less importantly, I believe in a reactive customer support philosophy. In a previous role, I tagged, automated, and analyzed thousands of customer emails in order to track on-going, obscure or new trends in user experience, and used that information to grow customer satisfaction by over 60%.

I have extensive experience troubleshooting iOS and Android, consider myself a Zendesk afficinado, and also have worked well with Jira in the past.

I'm currently learning SEO strategies while preparing to enter my first year of a Psychology undergraduate. I'm a quick study, collector of new experiences, and love a challenge, so if you have a role you think could benefit from my experience, please don't hesitate to contact me.