Taula Evans

Student, Writer, and Social Media Manager in New York

Well met,

Welcome to my About page, I'm Taula! I'm game industry customer service expert with a focus on building player resources and ensuring accessibility for gamers of all ability levels.

Growing up, I contended with chronic pain and an allergy to the sun, which limited my ability levels severely. As my health regressed I had to find new ways of entertaining myself, and not many options were available to me in the backwaters of Louisiana. It was then that I discovered reading, writing, and video games.

What started out as a coping mechanism and means of survival turned into a lifelong passion, and I strive to make whatever game I'm working on as accessible as possible to disabled gamers of all kinds.

This could be through building a comprehensive, complete, and easily navigable knowledge base and tutorial area to testing games run with secondary accessibility software. Or it could be by ensuring not only the disabled but all minorities feel safe playing the games I support. This may be the focus of my career, but the foundation it is built upon is one of excellence in customer service, I've honed my skills in CS to come second nature, so I can focus on my goals without sacrificing the satisfaction of ANY customer.

The customer service skills I take the most pride in are my ability to detect trends via meticulous tagging and analysis, writing pre-made responses (known as macros) that sound not only human but personable, and my skills in ticket deflection. I'm also proficient in Zendesk, Jira, and markdown formatting.

At the moment my experience is mainly in supporting iOS and Android gamers but I hope to expand upon that soon!

If you'd like to hire me to make your gaming experience less frustrating, or more awesome, please be sure to check out my LinkedIn profile!

Until Next Time,