Adad Joseph

Unity Developer in New York

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I work on the developer side that has worked on building 2d game projects and making websites for clients and also used to fixed computers around my neighborhood till later in life I find programming to be a more interesting experience


I have been programming for 3 years with a curious mindset of liking to build things and working on my personal projects that user can use and consistently make tech content on my Instagram under the name aj_atmosphere and my YouTube channel as my full name I use as my vlog.

Participated in a 24 hr. hackathon at TechCrunch Disrupt NY and became one of the winners for creating a 2d platformer website game called skyboy on my own in 2015

Featured on Susan Cain website and she is the best-selling author of her book quiet and have shared my short personal story and my interest in computers on her website

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