Adah Parris

futurist, Consultant, and Public Speaker in London, United Kingdom

Adah Parris

futurist, Consultant, and Public Speaker in London, United Kingdom

I'm fascinated by people, patterns, and stories.

As a futurist, consultant, public speaker and coach, I have over 20 years experience in creating transformational change and people-centred immersive ecosystems.

I believe that innovation should be systemic across a business and in order to create an ethical culture of innovation, you first need to turn those ‘doing’ the innovating into philosophers of life, society and humanity.

Business change is people change.

I work with clients in three ways through strategic consulting, public speaking and transformational coaching.

Strategic Consulting

I help my clients to recognise and harness the value of their brand equity which ultimately will have a positive bearing on their identities, relationships, business operations, revenue streams and wider society.

I have worked with businesses and individuals across brands, advertising, media, technology, start-ups, entrepreneurship, and education and take a humanity-centred design approach to problem-solving. My clients have included, Sainsbury's, Ogilvy Labs, Innovate Finance, The British Council, Mindshare, Adidas, The EU Council, The British Film Institute (BFI) to name a few.

International Speaker, Host and Compere.

I have spoken and hosted at events such as Nominet Trust NT100i5: Transforming Lives with Tech: A Global Conversation; Google for Nonprofits UK Annual Summit, DigitasLBi UK NewFront Make the Internet Great Again, Pirate Summit, Shambala Festival, Obonjan Festival and ArabNet Dubai.

I speak about the future of work; the impact of innovation and entrepreneurship on equality; personal identity and storytelling in a digital world and how to build deeper sustainable, value-based relationships amongst other similar topics.

I have recently been commissioned by Nominet Trust to host a six-episode podcast series. Our Lives + Tech interviews technologists, entrepreneurs, and activists about their lives, projects and businesses showcasing technology for good.


Through one-to-one transformational coaching sessions, I work with my clients to define and reach their goals quicker than they would on their own. Together we break these goals into small manageable and practical tasks. I help them to help them nurture their passions as a new breed of creatives, philosophers, hackers, innovators and doers to transform their lives and their businesses.

In my spare time, I am an Artist who creates wearable art and immersive experiential environments.

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