Adalto Felix de Godoi

Teacher, Consultant, and Writer in São Paulo, Brasil

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I am a professional working for many years in the healthcare industry mainly dealing with daily operations and customer service. I also have been working as a volunteer helping who is in need, it means that a change what I do according with the others need.

I believe we are here to be happy and if possible make some difference in others life. Thats why our connections can make more than just business. Any contact, even casual, creates opportunities for someone somewhere.

Despite the need to show the bio below, the most important things in life still is to live, to love, to help others and to share what we learn. To give and receive with happiness! We cannot live the same life twice, so we need to live it fully and respectfully.

I have my CV on LinkedIn, but in advance professionaly I have two bachelor's degree:

- Management - by the LSE/University of London. One of the most prestigious university in England recognised worldwide.

- Tourism and Hospitality - from Cruzeiro do Sul University in Brazil.

- Executive MBA - in Strategic Business Management, by the University of São Paulo - USP - one of the world Best Universities.

- Specialisation - in Strategic People Management from a Gama Filho University.

I also have several years of experience as a Lecturer/Teacher in private University and in government programmes.

I have some books and articles published, many of them can be found in the internet.

Also, I have been working for many years as a voluntary in Social Projects, helping to develop business in some of the poorest regions of the country. It includes teaching and guinding young people with criminal records to be re-introduced to the society.

I like to read, to listen good music and mainly to travel. I love history specially traveling to historic places. And, I am always opened to good friendships! Why don't we talk about it!

I hope you can buy my books and read it! I am sure you will get a lot of information about hospitality, humanisation at hospitals, hospital management, projects in leisure and tourism, and also read about some interesting tourism activity, visiting art in memorial places. Strange? No, many people visits exhibitions, phanteons and others places that are like cemeteries and don't know. Yes, my books are really interesting. Why don't you take a look?

In any case, be in touch with me! Thanks!

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