Adam Jones

Student in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

My name is Adam, and I am a Victoria local. I grew up in Central Saanich but moved downtown, so I could be closer to school, friends, and the city’s rich culture. I enjoy spending time in nearby Cook Street Village, going for runs along Dallas Road, and trying out new and interesting restaurants around the city. Things I enjoy doing with my spare time include golfing, and cycling; my most accomplished ride was Hurricane Ridge in Washington state, just south of Port Angeles, a couple of summers ago (pictured above). However, the thing that I am most proud of at the moment is being a newly appointed uncle of a perfect baby girl belonging to my eldest sister and her loving husband, who also live in the Victoria area.

I am a 6-year senior casual employee at BC Ferries, Swartz Bay terminal. My job title is “Terminal Attendant”, and I’ve just recently earned the “Equipment Operator” certification. This certificate grants me the ability to operate the vehicle and foot-passenger ramps, which load passengers onboard the vessels. I am also a volunteer member with the Saanich Emergency Social Services (ESS), which provides relief for individuals displaced from their homes during small and large-scale emergencies (fire, flood, and earthquake). As a silent hero within the municipality’s emergency responder services, the ESS is an important service that can produce much needed resources in the form of food, clothing, and temporary shelter for those in need.

I am currently a fourth year Sociology major at the University of Victoria with plans to attend grad school . My academic fields of interest are broad and ranging, however, I am most energized when learning about new and varying perspectives of others. I get excited visualizing how different perspectives are connected and relate to one another in forming the world we live in, and how we might harness this connectivity in the pursuit of mutual growth. After reading some of her work in putting together a term paper last year, I’ve recently become mesmerized by the concepts and ideas of feminist writer, and Duke professor, Elizabeth Grosz. Her work largely consists of reflections upon Darwin’s evolutionary theory, and frames the world of things, both living and non-living, as inherently connected in bilateral relationships of constant becoming: “[Life] is itself the ongoing provocation for inventive practice, for inventing and elaborating widely varying practices… and activities in unexpected and potentially expans