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Freelance Translator and Sports Writer in Barcelona, Spain

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I am a British and Irish sports writer and freelance translator specialising in photography, sports and zoology.

I translate from French, Italian and Spanish into my native language: English.

I am a tennis and rugby player, as well as a swimmer. I have worked as a tennis coach for four years, and I have over twelve years experience in health and fitness.

I have twelve years experience working in zoology, specifically in badger protection and preservation.

I am a keen photographer focusing mainly on sports, surrealism and wildlife photography. I have extensive experience of both digital and film-based cameras as well as a large array of photography equipment and accessories.

I have translated texts about agricultural sustainability, animal husbandry and livestock, as well as athletics, football (soccer), hiking, hiking equipment and swimming.

On my website supplied you will find my CV, samples of my translation work and my contact details. Additionally, if you click on the Wordpress link at the bottom, you will have access to my sports blogs.

I look forward to working with you and providing you with both creative and precise sports translations.

  • Education
    • University of Brighton