Adam Beltre

I am a blogger and aspiring journalist who resides in Washington D.C. I like to write about the intersection of media and politics. From my latest:

One of Washington’s most enduring mysteries deepened Thursday, when Politico reported that former FishbowlDC editor Betsy Rothstein would join The Daily Caller as a blogger. The news interrupted a week of schadenfreude on the part of Betsy Rothstein’s detractors, who had exulted in the abrupt end of her tenure at the media gossip site FishbowlDC—we are asked to believe it was a resignation—after a local publicist sued her for libel.

Along the way, the subject of conversation among the local journalism world’s many Rothstein obsessives had evolved from “How is Betsy Rothstein still employed?” to “Who would hire Betsy after everything she’s done?” Betsy Rothstein’s new employer, after all, had just hired a writer who had posted an amazingly racist joke on her website.

Last week’s celebratory messages about Betsy Rothstein's departure and Thursday’s befuddlement over her hiring, however, both underscore the same thing: The outsized place Betsy Rothstein has carved for herself in the capital’s media ecosystem.