Adam Bosco

Glenwood Springs, CO

I am a programmer and amateur philosopher with a propensity for exploring, learning, and discovering cross-applications of theories and ideas. I thrive in realms of the abstract and this often manifests in the desire to find and implement the most elegant and efficient solution to the problems that I encounter. When I'm not running off of mountains, I spend my free time grokking new skills and technologies and creating - be it with words, code, or paintbrush.

I believe that experience provides the raw material for learning and reflection the catalyst such that every person, event, word, and circumstance presents an opportunity to grow. I find that the more I learn about the world and others, the more I unravel about myself - and I hold deep admiration for those who travel, dream, or perceive the world from strange angles.

Please note that I am currently transitioning between blog sites, and I believe my previously linked blog to be an outdated reflection of my thoughts, pursuits, personality, and interests. New links coming soon.

  • Work
    • Website Developer at Aspen Research
  • Education
    • Computer Science at California Polytechnic University
    • Fountain Valley School of Colorado