Adam Carroll

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Family Man

My lifelong goal is to build a bigger life that sustains health, joy and happiness for me, my wife, and my kids. (Not always in that order.)

Financial Educator

I’m a financial literacy junkie. I’ve found that those who are able to best make, manage, save, and invest their money are profoundly happier and more content with their lives.

I am an internationally known speaker with two TEDx events (TEDxUWM, TEDxLBS) to date and over 500 paid engagements ranging from Fortune 100 companies, colleges and universities, to privately held enterprises and associations. My favorite topics are money, entrepreneurship, and networking.

My company, National Financial Educators, will present financial literacy programming to hundreds of high schools and colleges across the country this year. Find out more HERE.


In 2014 I successfully crowdfunded nearly $70K to produce Broke Busted & Disgusted, a documentary on the student debt crisis. The goal of the film is to reverse the dangerous course our nation’s young people are on when it comes to student debt.


I’ve written two Amazon Best Sellers- Winning The Money Game and 30 Days to $1K.


I started the podcast Build A Bigger Life in January 2015 to share stories of people doing more of what they love to do and less of what they have to do. All are in pursuit of a bigger life NOT a bigger lifestyle. The podcasts interviews are published on Tuesdays and the solocasts on Thursdays.