Adam Clemente

Brooklyn, New York, United States

Organic Classification: Humanoid
Personality Type: Deliriously Enthusiastic
100m Dash Time: 10.14
Dominant Nostril: Right
Preferred Stationary Position: Orthostatic
Most Avoided Stationary Position: Trendelenburg

-Character Design
-Realistic Portraits
-Technical Drawing
-Intricate & Miniature Abstract Artwork
-Creative Writing
-Descriptive Writing

-Dizzyingly articulate
-Unhealthy abundance of creativity
-Laughs for apparently no reason

Dislikes: Movies in 3d, fruit filling in a cake, stand up paddleboards, pistachios that are hard to open, 5x5 cubes that don't corner well, Sandra Bullock.

Favorite Books: Infinite Jest, Naked Lunch, Lonesome Dove

  • Work
    • Content Manager @
  • Education
    • Bachelor of Arts, School of Visual Arts