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Adam Dzidowski

Researcher in Wrocław, Polska

Researcher, academic lecturer and business consultant. Doctor of economic sciences in the field of management sciences, assistant professor in the Faculty of Computer Science and Management at Wrocław University of Technology (Poland).

He conducts research on marketing, innovation, creativity and intellectual capital management in the context of leadership, design thinking, corporate architecture and organizational aesthetics. Author of a few dozen of scientific articles. Co-author of the academic handbook “Marketing for engineers”. Originator of Virtual Potential Model (a model for describing the maturity of an enterprise to function within network and virtual structures) and a research framework IDEALS (Innovation through Design, Ethnography and Architecture for Learning and Sustainability). Presenter at international conferences (e.g. Standing Conference on Organizational Symbolism, International Congress of Aesthetics, Art of Management and Organization) and the member of research networks (inVisio, SCOS, EGOS, TSBJ).

As an academic teacher he developed original courses and lectures about on-line, multinational, cross-cultural marketing and design management. He provides several courses in English (e.g. Design and Innovation Management, Marketing in the Information Society, Contemporary Management, Organizational Science) and is an English master thesis supervisor. He presented several guest and visiting lectures at Polish and foreign universities (in Germany, France and Belgium).

As a business consultant he helps SMEs and start-ups with marketing and product development strategies. Rooted in design and innovation management approaches he tries to balance the crucial dimensions of modern entrepreneurship, namely business (viability), people (desirability) and technology (feasibility), in order to achieve sustainable business models, meaningful market experience and reliable, high quality products.

  • Work
    • Wroclaw University of Technology