Adam Guerin

Although the picture in this profile is not me, it's where I aspire to be in the near future. I mean this in both the literal and figurative sense because I do want to be at the top of various different mountains all over the world with nothing but the clouds beneath me. However I also want to be at the top of the mountain of my potential, and reaching that potential means combining my ambition, imagination, and persistence in order to create a business that truly gives back to the world while maximizing profits as well. I'm constantly analyzing the world that we live in through a lens that takes the exponential advancement of technology into account and seeks to harness it in a way to better the daily lives of all people. My ultimate passion lies in the realm of music, and I already use algorithms and data mining techniques to discern which songs are actually sounds of quality. Musical taste is obviously subjective, but depending on which genres one prefers, there are much more efficient ways to browse these genres and discover all the amazing music that is produced everyday. I do this on and aspire to work for them or some other organization in the music industry one day so I can make a living while being around the thing that I love most.