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Adam Jewell

Chicago, Illinois

I am an enigma, I am an idealist as well as a pragmatist. I am introverted with many extroverted tendencies. Most importantly I am a writer. I always have something to say and write about no topic is off limits.

Part of being an enigma is that I am able to write about anything and everything as well as excel in various styles. Whether it is short stories, screenplays, blogs, speeches, or advertisements I can write it. The reason being that as a writer I am always willing to learn to try and gain a better understanding of what is happening in the world around me. Not only do I bring my various writing skills and styles to the table, but I also have a deep understanding of Adobe Suite, Final Cut, and SEO. Some people will look at it as a, "Jack of all trades and a master of none," but I see it as a master of many trades.

My background does lean heavily towards screenwriting as I have written screenplays, both long and short form, that have won and been nominated for awards and recognition. As of recent I have been branching out working on various publications that cover topics such as: current events, sports, and lifestyle.

Below you can find links to the recent articles I have and am writing as a both a ghostwriter and special contributor where I inform the Australian market on the American sports landscape.

Finally, you can also find the link to my bio page for newscastic where I write various Chicago based articles. These deal with news, sports, and lifestyle.

  • Education
    • Charles City High School
    • Regis University
    • DePaul University