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Adam Kaufman

New York, NY

Freelance writer, blogger, natural contrarian, brand strategist, cultural observer, creative soul, artist, friend, confidante, teller of truths, pursuer of a meaningful life.

I am many things, often at odds, yet I am always me. I will leave it to those who know me better than I know myself to say more:

"I have known Adam Kaufman for twenty-five years. In that time two things have not changed: he remains one of the most brilliant minds I have ever encountered and one of the most adaptable, which leads be to a third, he also happens to be one of the most connected people I have ever met--and I've spent my career in media so that is saying something.

I've seen Adam engage in meaningful conversation with everyone from a nine-year-old budding computer scientist to the CTO of a multi-national media company and every possible personality in-between. His ability to relate, inspire and connect with all walks of life is rare and enviable.

Personally, Adam has been a sounding board, and his instincts have been spot-on--at times uncanny--and I've always been impressed with his razor-like wit and wisdom. I've been privileged to witness Adam handle both success and adversity with humor, resourcefulness and self-reflection.

Adam is a also a gifted writer with a unique voice that is still very relatable regardless of the topic--love, politics, his morning coffee or gridlock--and somehow he manages to make it all sound distinct and interesting."

-Juliana Stock
-VP, Product and Innovation at A&E Television Networks

  • Work
    • Writer and Blogger
  • Education
    • Highly Educated & Autodidactic
    • Columbia University