Adam Levent

Brooklyn, New York, United States

I spent the better part of the last decade traveling the world for a great tech company providing solutions to airlines to help them opperate more efficiently. My grandmother always said that each language you speak opens up a door into a new culture. I speak several languages, and can appreciate her wisdom now much better living in my adopted home town of Brooklyn, where every language counts (currently learning Ruby.) This said, I love start-ups and technology and the general quest to understand and make things better. When not thinking about my next "Big Idea", I am looking for like-minded individuals to partner with, or consulting opportunities to help young tech companies grow. I love to learn, and continue to learn a lot from my two awsome kids. On other ocassions I gorge myselve on edx courses (love health tech), practice mindfull yoga, lift weights rather mindlessly and love to play old strategy games, or take an improv class.

  • Work
    • Sales and Marketing
  • Education
    • Master Degree