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Adam Menchaca

Hello I am Adam and it is very nice to meet you! You have stumbled upon this page either be complete coincidence or because I have linked you to say a little about myself as a potential roommate. I am looking for an Oct 1st move in but open to a little later. I cannot type as much as I wish in here because of size limitations so let's just break down why I would make an awesome roommate.


Mid 700's credit scoreDebt free and a stickler about paying my bills.Respectful and fiercely protective of roommates property (ex. someone stops by to borrow something I do not let them until I get approval from you first)

Just the two of us

Social in common areas including watching movies, cooking togetherRespectful of a closed door. (will text if I need you unless otherwise specified)Will not eat your food unless dying and if I do I will buy you dinner to make up for it.I have no problems sharing most anything from my dinner to the last two beers in the fridge.Down for any activity (I love trying new things)


Great with having company over for drinks, movies, board games or whatever!I would invite people over from time to time (like twice a month)All about hitting up bars and restaurants with my roommate.Currently single getting back into dating not really into one night stands so no random women over.

Things I like include movies, books, video games, music, kickboxing, riding my bike, social activities, cooking, farmers markets, trying new things, concerts and other things.


I currently work in radio but I am starting a new job in Santa Monica on 10/1 hence why I am looking for a place in the area. My work does not come home with me as I like to keep my home very stress free.

I could go on for ages but as you can see I am awesome and if you are awesome we should make our future home together awesome. Thanks for reading. Talk to you soon!

p.s.. The bird is not mine. I own no pets.