Adam Morenberg

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

I see myself as a listener, observer and storyteller. In college and graduate school I studied ethnography, sociology and journalism. I have a passion for understanding and representing the consumer experience using qualitative, interpretive and ethnographic research methods – both traditional and digital.

In my role as a qualitative researcher at SmartRevenue, I execute custom research solutions for marketing and consumer insights clients across a variety of categories including CPG, retail, technology, automotive, entertainment, pet, beauty, health care, restaurant, food and beverage.

I have experience with a variety of approaches, including brand positioning, segmentation, product, copy and package testing, longitudinal tracking and path to purchase. Specific methods I've used include in-depth interviews, in-store intercepts, participant observation, online diaries, in-person and online surveys, mystery shopping, documentary photography/videography and bilingual/cross-cultural research.

I have a passion for learning and growing as a researcher and tackle each day with energy and a positive attitude.

  • Education
    • MA, Sociology, University of South Florida
    • BA, Miami University