-=-=-=-=-= Adam Pence =-=-=-=-=-

Ventura, California, United States

What more can one ask to be humbled by lifes' polar exchange?
Of how these eyes have seen the high mountains and the churning sea,
to a newbornes gaze and the most ancient trees.
Of how these hands have worked for both the wealthy and the homeless;
the cheerful, and those steeped in sadness.

I have been a photographer, a writer, a fighter and on plenty of occasions a lover -
a well driller, a metal fabricator, a brewer, and an uncle too.

I am an artist at the heart. Photography is one of my passions and is my hobby. I enjoy taking photos of nature, and even more so hiking to a distant part of the wilderness to get the right shot. The Sespe Wilderness is my playground, and also serves as an escape from the world of cities. As the ashes of one of my friends are scattered back there, the realities of life are brought into a clear perspective during my journeys; an invaluable inspiration in my works. The land commands my respect, and for its adaptable, relentless, and hidden beauty the Sespe also holds my veneration. I hope to begin my own Sespe Hiking Photography / Tour business in the future.

I am an off and on writer for my fantasy story, which after years of sitting around, is still in the beginning phases. In my younger years I have been a poet and have created biased-political works.

I have also been an C.F.O., editor, and photographer for my dads company- Pantera International Car Club. I'll admit, I am no car buff. But I do enjoy speaking to other De Tomaso enthusiasts from across the world. In my earlier years, I have been exposed regularly to dirt biking and motocross. As much as I enjoy nature, I can not deny the amount of metal, oil, and diesel coursing in my veins.

But at the end of the day, I am just your typical joe;
the one you may simply walk past without thought,
or look away when I, by chance, capture your gaze in a crowd.