Adam Peterson

Product Designer in Austin, Texas

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I'm a designer who helps companies build amazing products. I focus on design strategy, high-level user experience, beautifully-detailed user interface design, and interaction and motion prototyping. But more than just amazing products, I help build successful and sustainable companies.

Most recently, I've been a principal designer at NetSpend. I've been at NetSpend for 4 years. I joined as one of the first product designers. Around my second year, the company was bought for $1.4B. Now, the team has grown to more than twenty designers, whose work benefits millions of customers every day.

At NetSpend, I lead the design of our distributed in-browser and in-app banking products and the platforms and patterns that power them. Before NetSpend, I worked with mostly startups, leading small, lean teams on big, fat projects.


My design philosophy:

I move fast and ship.

I talk to users and with leadership to make sure we're building the right things. I build products for the people that will use them. I listen to those people. I champion for those people. In the end, I design products that are incredibly beautiful, delightful, and engaging.

‣ I believe that great design happens within constraints.

‣ I believe that products are made useful and valuable through collaboration.

‣ I believe that great products are simple and intuitive because of the thought, care, and expertise put into them.

‣ I believe there's time in every project to do something totally new.

‣ I believe there's a place in every project to use what we already know.

‣ I believe in the power of the design sprint.

‣ I believe in designing to instill emotion.

‣ I believe in working with the best people I can find.


  • Work
    • NetSpend
  • Education
    • California Institute of the Arts