Adam Rabinovitch

Recruiter, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence in London

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Head of Talent Services and Community Development Manager - A.I, Machine Learning and Data Science @ CognitionX

Founder & CEO - Data Science, AI, Machine Learning IT Job Board -

Director & Co-Founder @

I have over eight years experience specialising in A.I Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, Engineering, Big Data Analytics, Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Programming, Business Intelligence, Development, ETL & DWHI across UK, EMEA & APAC

I take pride in my consultative approach and having worked in the full IT lifecycle for the past eight years covering Data Science, Artificial Intelligence (AI), ML, Engineering, Cloud, Big Data Analytics, Microsoft Azure, AWS, Programming, UX, UI, Business Intelligence, ETL & DevOps.

I have developed a comprehensive technical understanding of the multiple challenges companies face to succeed in this competitive market place and have worked with various start-ups through to some of the biggest social network, artificial intelligence, e-commerce, publishing, fintech, retail, adtech, charity, utilities, cleantech, and banking institutions across the Globe.

Rackspace Cloud University Certificate: Class of 2014 - AI, Data Science, Engineering, Cloud & Big Data Analytics Recruiter

Call: 0044 788 135 1363


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