Adam Rabinovitch

Recruiter, Data Science, and Artificial Intelligence in London

Senior Technical Talent Advisor and Community Development - A.I, Machine Learning and Data Science

Director & Co-Founder @

Becoming data-driven is now critical to almost all businesses. The perfect storm of cloud computing, an abundance of data and the support for entrepreneurship has resulted in exponential growth in demand to harness data. However, it remains a complex industry and successful results require the combination of the right people and the right technology for a particular business’s needs. Building a complete team in-house is hard, time consuming and high risk. Outsourcing can also be very expensive and leave you without the crucial skills and learning otherwise obtained in-house.

We are a community for innovators in the world of A.I, Machine Learning and Data Science. We bring together Experts, Data Sources, Vendors and Businesses looking for data driven solutions, through our events and online platform.

Udacity online - Data Science & Big Data Analytics, Programming, Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence, Computer Science, Statistics, Physics, Psychology, Visualizing Algebra.

Rackspace Cloud University Certificate: Class of 2014 - Data Science, Cloud & Big Data Analytics technologies

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