Adam D. Wagner

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33326

My name is Adam David Wagner and I am the proud owner and creator of The Hotel Barter Network. Notably, The Hotel Barter Network's mission is to facilitate networking and trade amongst hoteliers and vendors through our state of the art

So how did my journey into envisioning and creating The Hotel Barter Network begin? Glad you asked! As someone who has always enjoyed staying at hotels while going on vacation with my parents I never really had to worry about the costs of staying at a beautiful resort or 5 star hotel.

Flash forward 15 years later I still loved to travel, but with the downward spiral of the economy, bringing my family to a vacation property for more than a few days was just not financially possible. Then one day I had an epiphany! What if there was a way to offer a good and/or service to a property in exchange for a vacant room; maybe even some guest services as well!

After digging around I found out there has never really been a true social media platform, done on a a regional or global scale, that has dedicated itself to the education and advancement of barter and trade amongst hospitality professionals - until now!

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    • B.A., International Studies M.A., Urban & Regional Planning