Adam Finch

Recruiter, fintech, and Actor in San Francisco, CA

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I'm a student of life with a strong desire to learn and grow. I love to travel, drink distinctly aromatic and flavorful coffees and eat good food. I am also a photographer and recruiter based in San Francisco who LOVES the hunt of exceptional talent, learning, emerging markets, fresh perspectives and new ideas. I listen to Jazz and enjoy playing with my dog, a jack russell. I write. I love music and art. I love to be organized but unpredictable. I listen to talk radio and love TV. I love how music makes me feel. I am an old soul in a young body. I am happy and love to laugh. I love design, architecture, and fashion. I'm a lover and good friend. I have a collection of 50 outrageous costumes. I've had two lead roles in local musicals. I played the accordion as a kid. I was an aerobic spin instructor for nine years. I drink coffee. I eat too much chocolate. I write a blog. I want to travel more. I want to live abroad, but then come home. I want to travel back in time. I want to learn another language. I want to learn a new word each day. I want to give up coffee. I don't want to give up chocolate. This is me read all about it...


Adam fell in love with photography at age nine when he bought his first Kodak Disc Camera. Packs of disc film later (and one summer break) he was hooked on photography. With the goal of capturing a truly candid moment and the spontaneous expression of his subject, coupled with a personal philosophy rooted in beauty, confidence and originality, Adam Finch is not only a photographer, but also a storyteller evident by his body of work.

How he got his Professional Start

After nursing school, Adam started his career in Utah then California where he worked in the field and managed a home care agency responsible for hiring and managing a clinical staff of 200.

Professional Recruiter

Today Adam is an established technical, software engineering and sales recruiter in San Francisco CA, with 14 years of recruiting and recruiting leadership experience in corporate in-house and agency environments, and is passionate about people and transforming how companies hire new talent. He is committed to making the recruitment process easy, enjoyable & successful for clients & candidates. He enjoys learning about various industries and emerging markets. He is interested in partnering with forward-thinking job providers and exceptional job seekers.