Adam Gray

Australia, Earth

Mostly on the Twitter (in a multiple-personality fashion: @AdamStGray & most actively at the web-log-related @WickBurner). The web-log thing, 'Wick Burner Attacks', is an angry and vaguely not very anonymous WordPress site. I have another blog, which is not so angry and a little more friendly, entitled 'Ramblings of Inanity'. The Web-Logs and the Twitters are where I mostly operate on the inter-webs right now...

Occasional photographer (film & digital) of natural & built objects with lots of sky & interesting cloud formations in the background/topground. Geeky stuff. The background photo here is one of my favourites - it looks a bit Eastern-bloc-industrial, but is actually in Auckland, NZ. Interesting...

  • Work
    • Wind Energy & GIS
  • Education
    • IET, OJT, Post-Graduate