Adam Jayme

Director and founder in Phoenix, Arizona

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Hello! I live in Phoenix, AZ and am blessed with a wonderful wife & 4 amazing kids. I work in Education and my passions are Leadership, Personal Development, and Entrepreneurship.

In fact, I am building a network of schools nationwide to encourage students to PURSUE THEIR PURPOSE! I promote students growing in their faith and discovering their own unique gifts, talents, and passions. More fulfilling work is guaranteed when one allows to God direct them to ways in which they can use those gifts, talents, and passions to bless the lives of others and causes that are important to the individual. Servant leadership, character, and leading by example are integral components of the school.

Won With God Academy: Win in life by becoming one with God!

I enjoy family time, reading, working out, music of almost every genre, playing the guitar, and singing with the choir at church.

I believe that happiness is best achieved when one pursues excellence and a life of significance & meaning through thoughtful service to others.

Life is short- let's do all we can do maximize what time we have to make this world a better place!

Thank you for checking out my page! God bless:)

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