Adam Linkenauger

Adam Linkenauger's career started as a small 15 year old boy who was tired of being pushed around. With a steady training regimen, and timely growth spurt, he went from not being able to touch the backboard at 15 years old to starting on his varsity basketball team, and dunking less than a year later. Once Adam opened the door to training he knew he had found his calling in life. Adam went on to average around 20 points a game, and was known around Virginia as quite a high flyer on the court. He really made a name for himself as a high jumper for his high school track team though, after finishing his career as a 3 time State champion, 3 time All-American, and Penn Relays National Champion.

Adam Linkenauger received a track and field scholarship to Clemson University, where he not only immediately excelled in his sport, but began learning all he could about athletic training under his Clemson coaches. Adam was named ACC Rookie of the year after winning his first ACC championship. He went on to win 6 more championships for a total of 7, and cleared the Clemson High Jump Record at 7-3.75. This award was a great accomplishment landing Adam a spotlight section in the May 2008 Sports Illustrated.

Adam qualified for the Olympic Trials in the event, but was unable to compete due to injury, but instead of mope, Adam turned his time to dunking basketballs, as basketball was always his first love. During this time Adam also began writing his "Become a Freak" Vertical Training Guide. Within 2 years Adam was considered one of the best dunkers in the world, performing in front of audiences in the 1000s, as well as becoming a Youtube sensation. He entered and won the 2009 Powerade Dunk Domination Contest which landed him his own Powerade commercial.

Adam has now developed a dunk tour team that travels to colleges to perform halftime shows. His Vertfreak101″Become a Freak" Jump Program is considered one of the best books ever written on the subject. Verfreak101 became the first ever main stream online coaching website for the genre. With the help of Ainsway, a Freak Athletics clothing brand has been established, and most impressively to date, the opening of Vertfreak 2.0 the new home to Vertical Jump and Speed Training, enthusiast discussion, blogging, articles, videos, and much much more.

Adam Linkenauger chooses to make Freak Athletics llc his life.