Adam Lipford

Jefferson Georgia

Ok so I forgot Facebook even had an about me section and now that I remember I haven't updated it in like 4 years lol my names Adam if your looking at this you probably already know that I'm a hard working individual and I am working on my own business I have always had an entrepreneur attitude and have Finnaly started makeing the steps to make my dream a reality I have 2 kids a boy and a girl they both mean the absolute world to me and there is nothing that can change that... I hope if they don't already they will one day know how much it means to me to be there for them no matter what... They are both truly apart of me and who I am... It's because of them that I am not the same as I once was nor did I have to blindly continue down the path I was on before I had them in my life... As of August 31st 2014 I have become engaged to a wonderful, smart, and beautiful, kind hearted women named Starla she has brought things out of me that o thought would be locked inside of me forever. She is without a doubt an amazing addition to my life that I have had the pleasure to have by my side for 2 years now, and as of May 30th 2015 I will proudly stand before Christ our Family and our Friends to stare that Beautiful women in the eyes and say my vows to her that will promise her all of my world all of my life all of my heart and all of my soul she will witness me say that I will have and hold all of her for the rest of my life and until my very last breath exhales from my lungs... It will be my promise to her that until that day comes and until Christ calls me home my heart will be full and overflowing with love that I have and always will have for her and all that she offers to my life... I have several different occupation titles I'm a millitary private contractor for Legacy Aerospace & Defense where I decommission military aircraft the repurpose everything that is salvageable including selling the shells to repurpose into flight simulators. I also play around at the car auctions in hopes I could open my own car lot allowing me to buy and sell used cars on a full time basis it started off as a hobby and turned into a dream that I am now on the path to making it a reality hard work dedication and strong motivation can get you anything you want in life as long as you do what's right and fight for what you want... I am also a High School Youth Minister at Crossroads of Jackson County I love The Lord and he has truly done some amazing things in my life and is always o