Adam McGowan


This is Adam, AKA pushedbutton.

I like computers. I like making music. I love making music with computers. I sometime make bad music, sometimes it's not as bad as the last one I did. One day it won't be so bad.

By day I work as a carer for adults with learning disorders and have recently joined a team who run a print shop and craft store. We provide a working environment for people to develop skills and work as part as a team.

I am interested in developing tools to aid comunication and help people express themselves through the use of modern, affordable technology.

I have been developing a midi device and am looking for help completing the fiddly bits. I would also be interested to hear from anyone who has any ideas regarding computer interfaces and communication tools.

I am very keen to learn about anthing that would utilise common househould items like a wiimote or kinect sensor.

There's much more to prattle on about but that'll do for now. :)