Adam Sarga

Jakarta, Indonesia


Lulusan pesantren yang moderat. Saking moderatnya, lebih cepet ngafal lirik lagu daripada ngafalin ayat qur'an / hadist :)

Born in Jakarta on October 30th 1993 from Javanese father and Banjar mother. Also have a bit taste of Padang from my second family. My mixtape is going to be more sophisticated when people told me that i have a thick Betawi accent :D

Currently studying Chinese at University of Indonesia, also being able to speak Arabic. Good in interpersonal communication. Busy as a freelance MC ( master of ceremony) for all kind of events and radio announcer @107.9 RTC UIFM.

I love music, movies, fashion, food, chibi cartoon, public relations, sports ( especially basketball, football, swimming, F1 ), fengshui, and stand-up comedy - although i don't wanna be a comedian ;p

further kepo: follow me @Adam_Sarga on twitter//ask me anything you want at add me as your friend on facebook ( Adam Sarga )

oiya! interrest in woman!! ( ini penting :) xie xie ni!! Doain cepet lulus, nilai bagus, karir mulus, dan akhlaknya tetep lurus yaaa hehehe... (y)

  • Work
    • FIB UI Basketball Club
  • Education
    • AL-Zaytun International School
    • University of Indonesia