Adam Richardson

Sittingbourne, Kent

Hi, I'm Adam Richardson, a 20 year old with a love for language and words. I enjoy typing and can do so all day long without feeling overwhelmed or stressed, so long as I have the creative freedom that my mind provides me with. Words are fantastic tools that can so easily influence a person to either act, or not to act.

I don't have great experience in writing professionally, although I strongly believe that if handed the opportunity I would thrive within the role handed to me. I've always been interested in journalism, copywriting, and simply allowing my thoughts and ideas to paint a picture simply through reading the words on the page.

Whether I'm writing for an assignment, or simply writing to friends/associates, I always write to the best of my ability using full grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Of all the random things that pop into my head, the only thing I can think that represents the way I like to phrase things is; "You're so far beheinz, you can't even ketchup."

  • Work
    • Web Administrator, Crew Member.
  • Education
    • GCSE's, Access course