Adam Virzi

Working as a customer service operator for a large online retailer, it was soon spotted that Adam had a keen eye when it came to pointing out a dodgy transaction. He’s role saw him frequently assisting police and the appropriate authorities with their online fraud investigations. A quip by a police officer, comparing Adam’s work to that of a Private Investigator, was still with him when approached Lyonswood Investigations for some work experience two years later. Proving himself to be fast asset to the company, Adam went on to a full-time position and continued his studies in Investigative Services. He’s highly involved in his projects and has a passion for good old fashioned detective work. Gathering evidence is of second nature to Adam; his analytical eye is expertly trained at sussing out discrepancies in any story and discovering new and exciting revelations that see a case cracked open. He also likes skiing, fencing and chess – but that’s a whole other story.

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Property settlements and child maintenance

Custody of children

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