Adam Ainscough

United Kingdom

I'm a photographer, a husband to one and father of three that is based in the Northwest of England. I work between the marketing department and charity for a social busisness called Recycling Lives and I currently look after their photography, videography, charity website and the develpment of a new online charity back office which will be a critical part of how the social busisness will grow. Yes I'm one of those lucky people that love's there job. My career to date has allowed me feed my love of travel, its given me the chance to work with a wide variety people and different personalities. My life ouside of work is completly based around my little family where we spend most weekend's exploring the UK (or if you speak to my wife getting lost) in our 1968 volkwagen camper. Any free time I get from the above which has to be said isnt a lot I can be found photographing weddings, events and basiclly anything else which helps pay the bills.

  • Work
    • Millhouse Photography
  • Education
    • Degree (BSc Web and Multimeida)