adamandia tsapikouni

adamandia tsapikouni

i born and living in greece,The country that gave birth to democracy,one of my hobby is listening music cause is a piece of art that goes in the ears strange to the heart , my free time i like playing sports, i believe is one of the basic joys of life swimming jogging ,Volleyball,pedestrianism.climbing.camping etc..

I love nature beacause we evolved in it.I am excited by the technology ,i believe ''technology is the use( exploiting)of knowledge.''

Summer months I decided to work in a children's camp It offers the opportunity to be in nature and to meet young friends,was in a mountain had altitude 1.776M there i was Team Leader and was one of great time in my life.

I worked in a call center I was a saleswoman in different companies each time advertising and marketing sales , inform,promotion. during i was studying nurse...also worked in chain stores with clothing, that moment loved fashion and clothes.

I graduate nurse i did my practice in emergency,and i worked almost for 4 years, I worked in a public hospital near my town called''University Hospital of Patras''

I became a Volunteer Samaritans, Rescuers and Lifeguard of RED CROSS'' Dive and Lifesaving the Greek Red Cross''

I like to experiment and learn new things I decided to stop and join European programs,I worked in private clinics,specialized in cosmetic plastic surgery. also I worked at the ophthalmology clinic i was Medical Secretary and assistant.