Adam Ashley

My name is Adam Ashley and I live in Cincinnati. Originally from a small town in Eastern Kentucky, I moved up here to attend school at Northern Kentucky University. I am currently a member of PRSSA. My passion and love would be public relations, music and acting. I have performed all my life and cant imagine a day when I would ever quit. If you recognize me, its because you probably have seen me performing somewhere. I am a extreme family man, I love my family and we are very close. I am actually most content when I am either working or with my family. Some people may say the fact that I come from the hills of KY may keep me from chasing my dream, But they are wrong! I am very passionate about where I came from, it was the morals and beliefs of the mountain folk that made me who I am today. I am Finishing my degree in public relations with a minor in marketing, theatre, and music. I am hoping to soon be working as a sports or entertainment publicist. Love to travel the world. Though I see myself going on to make a impact on the world I will Never forget the people and places that I met along the way!