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Ada May Brown

New England, United States

I am Spirit taught Medium and Chakra Energy Healer. I have always had these abilities, and as I came to understand what they were I wanted to learn how they worked. It was at this time that Creator began directing me with the clear signs to the right people and places to learn from.
It was very important to me that I learn how my abilities worked, in addition to understanding how those in Spirit would use my "Personal Life Dictionary" to aid others. I believed that this method was the one Spirit felt best for, and therefore allowed me to learn both by studying what many had written and in an experiential way, side by side. To me, this method helps me to connect better with your loved ones on the other side so that we can have the clearest conduit of communication for what they want to relay to you in a reading.
When the time was right my Guides instructed me on a unique form of Chakra Energy Clearing that uses my Clairvoyant abilities as well as my Clairsentient abilities so that I can see and feel the blockages in an individual's energy centers. They showed me how to use what I had learned and apply it using my unique abilities to find the areas in one's energy field that need to be focused on and cleared. In other words I see and feel in your energy the patterns and links to things in your past that bog your energy down and need to be released so that you can feel better and move forward in your life easier.
With the aid of the telephone, computer and web, via Skype, I now can do my work with individuals internationally as well as all over the US and Canada.

  • Work
    • Psychic Medium, Chakra Energy Healer