Adam Bardsley

I like adventure and latin dancing but generally get paid more for my digital development or I.T. nerdy know how. That's cool I love geeky things too ( although if you want to pay me to one of the other things for money I wouldn't say no)

IT Experience

Developing on the internet and for graphical applications since 1997 whilst I have experience of Java and C++ these days I'm mainly a ruby on rails guy.

I currently manage a small IT team to support Lancaster Universities Student Union, one of the most advanced unions in the country. I'm also part of the management team here as well helping form our stratgey around communications and information

The other stuff

Unlikely to ever pay the bills but I also love to:

Salsa, Bachata


Mountain bike

Breakdance & hiphop

Run swim and bike (sometimes together in triathlons)

Occasionally I also

Scuba Dive

White water kayak

Motorbiking and Quad biking