Adam Belardino

Co-Founder of The Maddox Group and Entrepreneur in United States

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Adam Belardino is the CEO and Cofounder of Maddox Group. Specializing in developing unique core strategies, Maddox Group facilitates a variety of processes that strengthen foundations and growth. As CEO and leader of The Maddox Group, Belardino prefers an approach of inclusivity. Taking time to listen to the concerns of his team members is deeply important to him.

Outside of his professional work, Adam Belardino supports a variety of charities and nonprofits. For years, he has volunteered with the Addiction and Suicide Prevention as a Contributor. Helping those in need via the Suicide Prevention Life Line means a lot to Belardino. He genuinely enjoys the opportunity to offer support and guidance to individuals who are struggling. In his view, every effort -- no matter how big or how small -- truly counts in making a difference in the world! Adam Belardino also supports Umbrella Club Charter Group, Fallen Patriots and Hope Lodge (American Cancer Society).

Check out Adam Belardino's latest project on his blog where he highlights the latest startup trends for 2020.

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