Adam Finer

Adam B. Finer has spent much of his career gaining an understanding of the inner workings of the entertainment industry. As an executive, literary manager, producer and consultant, Mr. Finer has been involved with studio films, independent feature films, television shows, Internet programming and many other areas of the entertainment and new technology fields.

Starting his career at Universal Pictures, Mr. Finer worked as Director of Market Research, working on the marketing campaigns for some of the studio’s biggest Box Office and
Franchise successes, including: “Erin Brockovich,” “American Pie,” “Notting Hill,” “The Mummy,” “The Grinch,” “The Fast and the Furious,” and many more. He also served as Chair
of Universal Studios Market Research Council, where he was involved in research for Universal Studios’ Recreation Group, including studies on Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Escape in Orlando, and Port Aventura in Spain.

In October 2001, Mr. Finer co-founded Arpil Entertainment, a literary management and production company whose clients have been hired to work on projects at Fox, Nickelodeon,
Paramount, Universal, Warner Brothers, MGM, the SciFi Channel and for many independent companies.

Mr. Finer Produced the short film "twenty," Executive Produced the short film “Ghost in Mind,” was an Associate Producer on the feature film "Jane White is Sick and Twisted," and Produced the feature films “War of the Worlds: The Next Wave,” “The Day The Earth Stopped,” and the SyFy Channel Original Movie “Megafault.” He is currently in development on several projects, including “Everything Is Going To Be Alright,” “A Magnificent Death From A Shattered Hand,” the Web Series “EcoDivas” and several Transmedia projects.

As a consultant, Mr. Finer has provided his entertainment, technology, marketing, business, branding and research expertise to a broad spectrum of industries, including Fortune 500 Companies, Internet and computer companies, motion picture studios, film, television and video game production companies, home video companies, public relations companies,
advertising agencies, theme parks, automobile manufacturers, Real Estate investors and theater companies. In addition to large companies, Mr. Finer has worked with individual
filmmakers, designers, coaches, producers, writers, comic book creators and small companies to advise and guide their careers and business strategies.