Adam M. Blakeway

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States

Life takes you to some pretty interesting places.

I started life as a Huck Finn, running through the woods of Maine picking wild blackberries, erecting treehouses, and building dams in babbling brooks.

My late teens and early twenties were spent in the hallowed halls of MIT, learning the subtle art of static engineering and space design. Architecture, if you prefer.

Side projects with great minds led me to a number of startups, each demanding something new, allowing my focus to expand and adapt as the environment grew and changed. Some such projects have taken me from the tops of mountains to the bottoms of the seafloor, from the Wild West to the science fiction future. Every situation, every trial, every mile stone has allowed my mind to blossum with the understandings of the intricacies of human existence.

Molding the human environment has always been a keen interest of mine, and has always risen to the top of my work regardless of circumstance. It is my belief that in order for people to work to the best of their ability, they must be in an environment that encourages that sort of behavior. I make it my priority, in every business setting, to see to it that the environment reflects the aspirations of its patrons.

I'm a designer of life. And I can master the logistics to make it all possible.

  • Work
    • Administration, Managerial, Design
  • Education
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology