Adam Block Restaurant Consultant

Restaurant industry owner, operator, and consultant Adam Block heads both Block & Associates (B&A), as well as Ink48 hotel's Print Restaurant and the Press Lounge in Manhattan. Through all three successful businesses, Adam Block has made an indelible mark on both the business and restaurant sectors. He has served with B&A since he founded it in 1987. Through this company, Block has assisted many venues of food production including hotel restaurants, golf operations and arena concessions.

In 2010, Adam Block opened Print Restaurant and the Press Lounge, within a year, both the public and critics were captivated by the dining and drink establishments. Print Restaurant, which can be found across from Ink48's main lobby, specializes New American Farm-to-Table cuisine. Adam Block hired a professional forager to visit local and regional vendors to acquire fresh ingredients for the dishes served at Print Restaurant's. Both Print and the Press Lounge have proven to be great successes. Zagat appointed Print Restaurant a 25 Rating, and the establishment was also listed in the Michelin Guide during its first year.

After cleansing one's palette at Print Restaurant, Adam Block encourages patrons to travel upward to the Ink48 16th-floor, the site of the Press Lounge. There, Block's staff serves a wide selection of cocktails and encourages guests to mingle amongst themselves while taking in the spectacular view of Manhattan as it bustles all around them. heartily recommends the Press Lounge, naming it one of the 22 best rooftop bars in the entire world.