adam bristow

Hello!I have coigned the somewhat oxymoronic handle of “dirtyaesthetic” — other than being a hybrid of titles from two different albums by the prolific Southern-Core rock band “Every Time I Die“, I feel it encapsulates a particular sentiment: there is beauty, or the appreciation of beauty, in anything. Something that may be considered dirty or imperfect has a certain unique quality that nothing else can hope to emulate. But I digress…

I am an aspiring technical writer currently studying at Algonquin College. My affinity with English literature and language has provided me with a healthy knowledge and appreciation of the written word, physical or online. My previous experience as an undergrad at the University of Ottawa has instilled in me a love for the power of film, as I studied English with a Minor in Film Studies.

It is my intention and aspiration to use my technical expertise to provide a particular focus on instructional design, a field of technical writing that I feel is lacking in today’s marketplace.

As Lou Bloom says in Dan Gilroy’s 2014 film “Nightcrawler“,

“…any system that relies on cooperation, from a school of fish or say even a professional hockey team for example, these experts have identified communication as the number one single key to success.”